When authenticated email delivery is a priority, you need a Smart Host.

ISPs and corporate IT managers spend a lot of time, money, and effort protecting their users from email spammers. Unfortunately, that puts a larger burden on you – the legitimate business email sender – to deliver your emails in a reputable manner to ensure your message hits the inbox, not the spam folder.  An email smarthost from SocketLabs is a great way to deliver authenticated email to large audiences.

Deliver authenticated email with a smart host from SocketLabs.

A smarthost differs from a SMTP open relay in that it authenticates the sender so that recipient ISPs and email servers assign higher levels of trust to your email, increasing deliverability. SocketLabs provides an On-Demand SMTP smart host based on our renowned email technology and supported by our team of email experts that can help you increase the deliverability of your outbound email — guaranteed.

By choosing a SocketLabs smart host, you’ll not only benefit from reliable deliverability, you’ll also get real-time reporting for your server and statistical data that can help you improve your email performance.

With our top notch technology and dedication to your email deliverability, a smarthost makes it easy to save time without sacrificing deliverability and email efficiency.

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