360 Monitoring

Outbound email server monitoring on steroids.

Traditional email server monitoring only verifies that the servers are listening but not that they are functioning properly. SocketLabs goes above and beyond traditional monitoring systems. Our 360 Degree Email Monitoring is an aggressive email monitoring system developed in-house to instantly detect and correct any bottlenecks that may occur in our outbound email delivery network while measuring real-time delivery performance throughout every day.

This email server monitoring system works by emulating an outside user who is sending outbound email through our SMTP servers. Each message the email monitoring system sends is tracked throughout our entire infrastructure until it lands in its designated spot: the recipient’s inbox. The email delivery monitoring system tells us exactly how long it takes to deliver each outbound message, and if it finds any bugs along the way it tells us which link in the chain we need to fix. This active, comprehensive form of email delivery monitoring ensures that we are providing the fastest and most reliable outbound email delivery network available.

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