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Executive Summary

ElectionsOnline offers a cutting-edge online voting system. Email reaching the inbox of voters in a timely fashion is absolutely critical to the success of their business. Since selecting SocketLabs to deliver their email messages in 2013, they have never looked back.


Email delivery is an important requirement for online voting in multiple ways. Voters can’t participate in an election they don’t know about so it’s critical to announce elections to them. It’s also critical to send email reminders and confirmations to voters that ballots were received. Voters, like most online users, have email accounts from various mailbox providers, each with their own set of rules and complexities for getting into the inbox. They needed an email provider that understands these complexities and provides a delivery service that would give them the highest chance of reaching the inbox and not be filtered as spam. “We set out to select an email provider we can depend on and found just what was called for with SocketLabs”, says David Simms, President and Founder of ElectionsOnline.

Solution: SocketLabs On-Demand

ElectionsOnline searched for an email delivery solution and selected SocketLabs due to their team of experts and ease of integration. SocketLabs APIs allow them to provide their clients with valuable reporting as well.


“We selected SocketLabs and have never looked back”, says David Simms. “It’s vital to have reliable email notifications accompany each election or I won’t stay in business. I don’t have the expertise needed to get email to the inbox for all the messages I send, nor do I have the time or even the desire to become such an expert. Using SocketLabs to handle email delivery relieves me of that burden so my focus can remain where it should be: on developing the most innovative voting system available.” ElectionsOnline now boasts 350 customers and sends 1000 emails every day.

“It’s vital to have reliable email notifications accompany each election or I won’t stay in business. We selected SocketLabs and have never looked back.”

-David Simms, President & Founder ElectionsOnline

About ElectionsOnline

Secure Web-based eVoting from Anywhere at Anytime
ElectionsOnline was founded in 2002 with a mission to enable voters to use the Internet for casting their ballots. The Evote online voting system pioneered web-based voting and continuous evolution has solidified its reputation as the most feature-rich and user-friendly service available. Today it reliably supports more than 200 elections each year for professional associations, unions, businesses, educational institutions, community groups, and many more. See David Simms’ blog post here for more information.

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