New SocketLabs On-Premises Email Server: Hurricane MTA 4.0 

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SocketLabs is excited to introduce the latest on-premises email server, Hurricane MTA 4.0,  available with increased performance, expanded security, and a host of new features which significantly enhance the overall user experience. Highlights include support for the latest security and encryption protocols and a new hybrid option for combining on-premises and cloud sending.  With SocketLabs’ new Hurricane MTA 4.0, customers whose data privacy and security standards require an on-premises email solution can now access to the latest and greatest in email delivery technology. 

What’s New With SocketLabs Hurricane MTA 4.0 

Hurricane MTA 4.0 is coming to market with a ton of exciting new features that will improve email delivery and performance, security and encryption, and overall user experience.  These new features are built on top of the solid foundation that is Hurricane MTA which helped pioneer the high-volume email industry when it was first introduced in 2007. The Hurricane MTA comes standard with advanced mail stream segregation, automatic suppression lists, bounce processing, dynamic block rules, and so much more (see the full list of current Hurricane MTA features here).  

Now let’s see what’s new in the SocketLabs Hurricane 4.0 on-premises email server: 

1. Increased Performance 

4.0 supports increased performance using the latest .NET framework and allows development of plug-ins and integrations using the latest Microsoft technologies. 

2. Availability of the Hurricane Hybrid MTA Solution 

The Hurricane MTA hybrid solution allows companies to access the best of both worlds between cloud and on-premises email sending capabilities. The Hurricane Hybrid MTA allows companies who typically send only via on-premises servers to: 

  • Have an active cloud backup system to protect against IP blacklisting or deliverabilty issues 
  • Achieve cost optimization by separating transactional or security-sensitive message streams (requiring on-prem delivery) from streams that may require the high-touch deliverablity assistance that’s available in the cloud solution.  
  • Flexibly access cloud-platform delivery reporting, APIs, and additional features.

3. MTA-STS Support  

SocketLabs’ Hurricane MTA now supports MTA-STS (Mail Transfer Agent Strict Transport Security), becoming the first company to apply this security technology to their MTA for use on-premises and in the cloud.  With MTA-STS, senders will be able to deliver their mail with confidence, using the latest and greatest form of email security available to allow safe, authenticated email transfer.   

To learn more about Hurricane’s support for MTA-STS, download our full guide here on how it works and how you can use it.  

4. Secure HTTPS Engagement Tracking  

Hurricane MTA will now support secure engagement tracking by allowing opens, clicks, and unsubscribes to use TLS encryption.  

5. BIMI Header Signing in DKIM 

BIMI adds a visual representation and confirmation of email authentication to your emails. More specifically, it allows companies to add an official brand or image logo to authenticated emails that clearly identifies them as such in the recipient’s inbox.  

 6. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Support 

AMP allows email senders to create a new level of user experience and interactivity. It enables emails to dynamically display information and support search, data entry, and commerce functions – just like a web browser. SocketLabs has also added support for secure AMP Engagement Tracking.   

To read more about AMP, check out our blog here.  

 7. New User Interface 

The new UI allows for better visualization of performance tracking and a better overall experience for users. New graphs and charts are also standard features, including complaint analysis, engagement analysis, failure analysis, and a variety of other vital email metrics.   

With the release of Hurricane MTA 4.0, customers now have access to the latest email technologies in an on-prem setting.  If you are interested in implementing SocketLabs Hurricane MTA, you can request more information here, or you can view some other resources below: 

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