Email Marketing Server

The Ultimate Email Marketing Server

The Hurricane platform includes the key back-end components for building a bulk email marketing system. Hurricane Assembly Server can merge and customize over 2,000,000 email messages per hour on modest hardware. Hurricane MTA Email Marketing Server can be used either stand-alone or in a pool to deliver those messages directly into the recipient’s inbox. Both servers are designed specifically for Enterprise environments on the Windows platform. The innovative and powerful APIs provide an unsurpassed ability to blend seamlessly into your existing in-house custom applications and data systems.
Hurricane Assembly Server
High performance, email message assembly server providing construction, merging, customization, scalability, tracking, reporting, integration, list hygiene and fail-safe operation.
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Hurricane MTA Server
State of the art SMTP email marketing server, featuring powerful throughput, high deliverability, easy administration, campaign and message tracking, multi-homed virtual servers, built-in reporting and deep .Net API integration.
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