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Tracking Email Marketing with our Software

Email marketing messages sent through the Hurricane Server platform can be eaily tracked by your existing in-house applications and data systems on the Windows platform.

Messages being delivered through the platform can be tagged with user defined identifiers that will be reported back to you through our email delivery tracking software APIs in real-time as events pertaining to those messages occur. The innovative and powerful .Net APIs provide an unsurpassed ability to blend seamlessly into your existing in-house custom applications and data systems.
Hurricane Assembly Server
High performance, email message assembly server providing construction, merging, customization, scalability, email delivery tracking, reporting, integration, list hygiene and fail-safe operation.
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Hurricane MTA Server
State of the art SMTP server, featuring powerful throughput, high deliverability, easy administration, campaign and email delivery tracking, multi-homed virtual servers, built-in reporting and deep .Net API integration.
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Designed Specifically for Bulk Email

Traditional smtp servers are not designed to deliver bulk email. Bulk email is delivered in batches that creates spikes in the email delivery pattern. These spikes raise red flags with receiving ISPs and can cause your email to be quickly blocked. The email delivery rules built into Hurricane MTA Server automatically shape the traffic to many large domains, reducing the likelihood that your your email will be considered too aggressive, and therefore increasing deliverability.

Increased Deliverability through Built-in Authentication

Full support for SPF, Sender Id, DomainKeys and DKIM enable Hurricane MTA Server to comply with the diverse requirements of ISPs to increase deliverability.

An SMTP Server Built for Windows

Innovative Windows .Net API integration enables easy and deep real-time push into your existing home-grown applications and MS SQL. Much faster and feature rich than the Microsoft IIS SMTP service.

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