In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • 5 Keys to Reputation Optimization
  • How to Define Appropriate Mail Streams
  • Why You Need to Set Traffic-Specific Delivery Rules
  • How to Warm-up a Dedicated IP
  • Scaling 101 — Everything You Need to Know
  • And more!

About this Webinar

Many IT professionals avoid transitioning from one email platform to another because they perceive it to be difficult and a risk to their sending reputation.

However, with the proper managed approach, traffic can be smoothly transitioned from one email platform to another and scaled to full production volumes with outstanding success.

Join SocketLabs’ Deliverability Manager Brian Godiksen as he explains elements of SocketLabs’ Simple Managed Migration (SMM) Process and how this systematic approach creates a personalized transition plan that ensures success.

Featured Speakers


Brian Godiksen | Email Delivery Manager, SocketLabs


Patrick Dyson | CTO,


Eric Davis | Senior Account Executive, SocketLabs

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