Why Enterprise Customers Choose SocketLabs

Platform Capabilities

We have designed, built, and still maintain our own proprietary cloud platform for email delivery – The Hurricane Mail Transfer Agent. Hurricane is trusted by some of the largest email senders in the world, in all corners of the globe, to deliver millions of email every week. With the ability to scale rapidly on-demand, the SocketLabs’ Hurricane MTA lets customers experience the ultimate in email flexibility. Learn more here

Email Performance

SocketLabs continuously helps enterprise clients manage their entire ecosystem of email delivery and optimization. We drive and elevate your business outcomes technical tools and support — and with in-depth deliverability consulting services — to maximize the potential of your email strategy. Learn more here.

Easy Integration

Built to support the largest global enterprise customers, SocketLabs is backed by our team of senior developers who are capable of delivering custom integrations for our biggest customers. Senior leaders at SocketLabs work hand-in-hand with our enterprise customers to create a seamless email experience aimed at the customer’s unique organizational goals.

“SocketLabs provides end-to-end support from contact upload to email delivery, along with robust reporting. We would absolutely recommend SocketLabs to enterprises looking for high deliverability of large volumes of transactional and commerce-related email.” – Todd VanScoter | Systems Engineer, PAYCHEX

“Ultimately, we realized that email is an incredibly specialized area that requires dedicated, expert resources. We saw a vast improvement in open rates .”

– Jim Voss, EVP Technology & Information Security, Bridgeline Digital Inc.

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