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Delivering email is what we do. Regardless of your unique business case, delivering your messages to the inbox is our top priority. With a 10-year track record of success, SocketLabs has mastered the art and science of email delivery. Our plans are designed to meet a range of business challenges where communication and response are what drive your ROI. Getting started is a simple as choosing the best path for your needs:

  • – Establish a simple SMTP connection
  • – Customize your experience with our email API
  • – Create and send impactful marketing campaigns
Easy To Get Started

It’s Easy To Get Started

You want simplicity? Well, you can be set up and running in minutes. With just a few clicks, you can connect with our outgoing mail server, send your first message, and see your delivery results on our easy-to-use dashboard interface. Advanced analytics and top-notch customer support are all part of the user-friendly SocketLabs’ experience.

World-Class Technology and Service

  • Avoid the spam filter with respected credentials and authentication capabilities
  • Gain insight into how your email is performing
  • Rely on knowledgeable staff to resolve delivery issues
  • Minimize time and investment by using our proven and reliable infrastructure
  • Capture and store email history in a secure database
world class technology

unmatched experience

Unmatched Experience

As pioneers in the email delivery marketplace, we have seen it all. From developing one of the world’s first on-premise email server solutions, to leading the charge into the cloud, we are innovators who continuously adapt to our clients’ needs. Our consultants and delivery team offer proven strategies that help marketing, transactional, or person-to-person emails reach their intended destination.

In-depth Analytics

Our analytics dashboard gives you the power of real time data and analysis to constantly monitor and improve the way you connect and engage with your audience.

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