Easy to Use Email Marketing Tools for Powerful Results

Our email marketing tools are easy to use and effective. To try them out yourself, simply log into the Control Panel. Click the View Button next to your Server to go to the server Dashboard. From the Server Dashboard, click the Email Marketing option on the menu to access all of the tools. First things first, let's create a new email message... Choose Create New Email Content from the Marketing menu to experience our easy to use email designer. See just how easy it is to use to create beautiful looking email messages. You can also upload your own HTML or even plain text. The "Test" button at the bottom of the Designer will allow you to quickly send your creation to a test address of your choice. Once you have created and saved your content, we can move on uploading a list to send it to. We always recommend viewing your content on both desktop and mobile devices to get a feel for how it will look on each. Next steps...upload a list Next, try uploading a list. Simply choose Upload a New List from the Marketing menu to upload your first list. Uploads must be in CSV format. The list upload process is very intuitive and will walk you through the process. And finally... let's send your new content Simply choose View, Edit, or Send Your Email Content from the Marketing menu... Select the content you created and click the Send button. Supply the requested information, choose your list and press the Send button. Once your message has been sent you can use the Track your message Click the View Mailing Details opton from the Marketing menu and you will see a report of your mailing including failures, clicks, opens, unsubscribes, etc... Here are some of the things you can do with our Email Marketing Tools:

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