Financial Services

With our diverse range of cloud services, platform customization options, and encryption features, SocketLabs is a logical choice for Financial Services. Our approach emphasizes the importance of email security, high availability, and unmatched email delivery, with personal support from our services team to ensure success. Our proprietary Hurricane On-Premises solution is ideal for financial firms looking to maintain their own email infrastructure.


In the Healthcare Industry, we are proud to support customers who need the very best in email performance to manage clinical trials, patient communication, and critical service workflows. For the ultimate in information security and privacy, our Hurricane On-Premises Solutions are available for organizations who wish to maintain their own email infrastructure.

CRM and Marketing Automation

Platform reliability, unmatched email performance, and advanced, custom reporting are three areas in which SocketLabs excels. We provide the optimal SaaS solution for CRM and Marketing Automation companies around the world.

Process Automation

Socketlabs excels when email is critical to the user experience. With unmatched reliability and performance, we ensure your application messages are reaching their audiences consistently. That’s why we are the ideal solution for Process Automation solutions around the world.

Customer Experience

Socketlabs optimizes your ability to hit the inbox, which translates into greater opens, clicks, and recipient engagement. Our platform offers the highest reputation sending IPs and advanced routing intelligence, ensuring the success of Customer Experience solutions around the world.

Creating a New Email Experience

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