ISP Management

As the email landscape continuously evolves and ISPs wage their war on spam, we continue our mission of getting your legitimate outbound emails delivered.

When you enter into a relationship with SocketLabs, we proactively handle all communication with ISPs when it comes to the outbound emails we’re delivering on your behalf. That means you never have to worry about setting up your own email delivery infrastructure or sending in support requests directly to the ISPs. We are happy to troubleshoot problems, get you off ISP blacklists, and advocate for you to Yahoo!, Hotmail, and more — all as part of our service.

Our software and systems have been engineered over the past 10 years with special ISP-specific traffic shaping algorithms that know how to contour delivery uniquely to each ISP such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, and other corporate domains. Our outgoing email server systems analyze and process responses from these ISPs in real time and adjust delivery accordingly.

Through robust in-house monitoring, our system can detect invalid addresses and addresses associated with complaint reports and can automatically suppress delivery to those addresses. Our support for all the latest in authentication protocols such as SPF, SenderID, DomainKeys, and DKIM proves our sender identify (who we are) and provides a trusted channel in which to send outbound email.

Through partnerships with other industry players we further bolster our reputation with ISPs through accreditation and whitelisting programs.

This is only a sampling of what SocketLab does on a continuous basis to maximize the number of outbound emails that land in your recipients’ inboxes.

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