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Even with our rapid advancements in web design, social media and mobile apps, email is still the go-to electronic marketing communication medium for the majority of companies around the world.

And with good reason: bulk email marketing is smart, cost-effective advertising that converts more often than most forms of traditional marketing. Email marketing is direct, allows fine segmentation of messages to your audiences, is trackable with in-depth analytics, and is relatively inexpensive to deploy when compared with other forms of direct mass communication.  But none of that potential can be realized if your messages don’t reach the inboxes of your audience. With SocketLabs’ marketing email services, there are two great ways to have us deliver your messages.

As An SMTP Relay

SocketLabs is a fully managed SMTP relay service that takes care of the nitty gritty technical details to achieve stellar email delivery rates for marketing email. Whether you’re promoting a new product to your existing customers, introducing your business to your opt-in list, or delivering an e-newsletter to your subscribers, our SMTP relay service platform can help you hit the inbox, not the spam folder.  We work as the delivery engine for your on-premise or hosted email marketing or CRM system.  Your application sends us the email and we make sure it get’s delivered.

Use Our Newsletter Feature

SocketLabs provides an easy to use Newsletter feature that enables you to send an email campaign to a list of recipients.  You can easily create your Newsletter or marketing message inside our WYSIWYG HTML editor or copy in your own HTML content.  We provide full analytics so you can easily track the effectiveness your email campaigns by seeing who’s opened, clicked, complained or unsubscribed from your list.

It is an easy, yet powerful way to get your marketing messages to your customers and prospects.

The setup is easy and takes minutes, not hours.  Click here for more information on sending Newsletters. Call to learn about our marketing email services, and sign-up now for a SocketLabs account to start sending!

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