About this Webinar

Recipient engagement has become a key factor in email deliverability. Advances in machine learning now allow spam filters to process billions of email data points, turning email interactions (and inactions) into scoring systems that drive inbox placement decisions. More than ever before, email senders need to understand the logic and mechanisms behind email engagement to optimize their email strategy and improve their ROI.

Watch this educational webinar in which we’ll answer questions, including:

  • What is user engagement?
  • How does engagement success impact email deliverability?
  • How do major inbox providers track and use engagement data?
  • Which measures are critical for marketers?
  • How is engagement data captured and what security concerns exist?
  • How can I optimize ROI with an engagement-driven marketing strategy?

Featured Speaker


Brian Godiksen | Email Delivery Manager, SocketLabs

Brian has been helping organizations optimize email deliverability since joining SocketLabs in 2011. He currently manages a team of deliverability analysts that consult with customers on best infrastructure practices, including email authentication implementation, bounce processing, IP address warm-up, and email marketing list management.

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