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SocketLabs service can be setup and running in a matter of minutes, with your first message successfully sent. Regardless of the sending method, however, we make sending your first message simple.

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Send With SMTP

Since we offer an SMTP service, and all email applications support SMTP, virtually any application is compatible (and easy to integrate) with our service. When we provision your account we will provide you an SMTP host name, user name and password. Simply enter this information into your email software and it will automatically start routing its mail through your new SocketLabs account. You do not need to make any DNS changes, setup SPF, Domain Keys, DKIM or anything else – we do all the setup for your email sending services on our end!

Send With Our API Libraries

Our advanced email delivery service and APIs enable fast and powerful integration with your applications, servers and devices for sending, receiving and tracking the success of your email messages. Speed up development with pre-built libraries and code samples for popular languages. Our easy to use onboarding process helps you get familiar with our API and start sending messages through your code.

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Send Marketing Messages

Send Marketing Messages

With our easy to use email marketing tools, anyone can create beautiful email messages that drive engagement, build lists, automate delivery and track success with detailed analytics and reports. Try it out in a matter of minutes and start sending polished messages to your audiences in no time.

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