New Partners and Discounts with SocketLabs

SocketLabs is excited to announce 4 new partnerships with 4 exciting new discounts so you can get the most of your email and communication solutions.

Check out our 4 New Partners!

  • Kickbox – Email Address Validation (See Deal)
  • LiveIntent – Email Ad Marketing (See Deal)
  • Phonexa – Phone Tracking (See Deal)
  • SuperPhone – SMS/Text Messaging (See Deal)
  • Get Up to 15% Off!

    Kickbox is an email verification system than can help validate comprehensive email marketing lists to ensure the best deliverability though high quality recipients.

    Get Up to 15% Off!

    LiveIntent is the people-based marketing platform that’s bridging the gaps between brands and audiences everywhere.

    Get Up to 15% Off!

    Phonexa’s powerful tracking solutions deliver insight on your marketing campaigns, allowing you to make smarter optimizations and increase your ROI.

    Get Up to 15% Off!

    Make text your strongest marketing channel in three months or less with broadcasts and 1-to-1 chat from SuperPhone.