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Integrate SocketLabs into your SAP Marketing Cloud application to deliver all transactional and marketing email. SAP customers have access to industry leading deliverability, detailed analytics, and 24/7 support.

SocketLabs and SAP

Save time, money, and avoid email headaches by plugging SocketLabs into your SAP Marketing Cloud. SocketLabs offers SAP customers the powerful technology for sending email, without involving the need for programming, so can maximum deliverability within your SAP marketing cloud.

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Leverage the powerful technology from SocketLabs for sending email, without involving the need for programming. SocketLabs has partnered with SAP to bring together our industry leading email delivery solution with the SAP Marketing Cloud.



Ecenta designs and implements innovative solutions specific to their customers’ needs while leveraging SocketLabs’ high volume email delivery solution for SAP.

Return Path

SocketLabs works with our ReturnPath to improve the email experience, eliminate spam, and keep consumers safe from email fraud.


If you are using Microsoft’s cloud platform, you can easily integrate with email sending with your app through SocketLabs. Simply navigate to the Azure Marketplace, locate the SocketLabs add-on, select the appropriate plan, and get ready to start sending.

campus management

Campus Management

Campus Management is a leading provider of software, strategies and services which enable institutions of higher education to offer dynamic models of engagement & delivery.


The Ongage email marketing platform connects to multiple delivery vendors, such as SocketLabs. This provides the flexibility to select the SocketLabs SMTP relay for your email marketing campaigns.