Moving & Shipping with SocketLabs

Executive Summary

Pro Transportation Services provides business shipping services and relies on email as an integral part of the communication required for shipping and logistics. They put their trust in SocketLabs, its email delivery platform, and its team of email experts, which is essential in running their business.


Pro Transportation Services has built relationships with shippers and carriers for over 25 years based on fairness and integrity. Their customers' products have to be delivered safely and on time. A key part of shipping and logistics is communications, mostly done by email. The logistics processes can be quite complex due to the large amount of emails, their timeliness, and criticality of transactional invoicing. Sending this critical email through their own mail server was proving problematic and they lacked visibility into the success or failure of their messages. Pro Transportation Services needed to partner with an expert they could trust to deliver 4,800 time sensitive transactional emails per day.

Solution: SocketLabs On-Demand

Getting set up with SocketLabs took only minutes and the seamless integration with their Transportation Management Software was amazingly easy. SocketLabs attacked the complex problem of invoicing logistics and solved it with a combination of their optimized email delivery platform and team of email experts.

It is imperative that Pro Transportation is able to identify any email delivery issues quickly and the Quality Score that SocketLabs' Transportation Management Software provides does that perfectly. “The SocketLabs Quality Score is a must-have metric that I live by every day,” says Sandra Felger, Operations Manager for Pro Transportation. “It’s up on my dashboard and, at a glance, provides crucial information as to how the business is operating. I can tell when something is not right. It is a simple metric that shows me how well my email delivery is performing and if there is anything I need to be concerned about. The SocketLabs team of email experts is always responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable, which has been a great boost for our customer response.”

“The SocketLabs Dashboard enables me to easily monitor the success of my business on a day-to-day basis.”

- Sandra Felger, Operations Manager


The solution powered by SocketLabs' Transportation Management Software was an immediate success and has been running reliably for over a year now. Pro Transportation’s business depends on timely, accurate transaction notifications via email and SocketLabs provides that. With the SocketLabs Transportation Management Software, Pro Transportation is able to sustain its high reputation of providing its carriers with superior, reliable communications and customer service. No longer are their carriers missing their daily communications and when issues arise (like a bad email address) the SocketLabs transportation management software solution lets them know right away.

About Pro Transportation Services

Pro Transportaton has a mission to be the best choice for transportation carriers and logistics services. The Pro Promise: Always think creatively and be responsive to all people we deal with. We are your transportation management advocates and pledge to focus on your needs by utilizing the latest technology and not forgetting the power of personal communication skills.