Redundancy [ri-duhn-duhn-see] noun:  the duplication of critical components or functions of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system

Redundancy is an important element of most on-demand software systems. For SocketLabs, it’s a fundamental component of how we designed our email delivery service.  First, we have servers well-dispersed in RackSpace and other Tier-1 data centers across the country, represented on both coasts and in the central U.S.  By utilizing these diverse locations across multiple ISPs, we can provide flexibility and email redundancy to ensure that having one of these locations or providers go down won’t ever cause a disruption in your service.

Layered on top of our robust infrastructure is our SocketLabs 360 Degree Email Monitoring.  Beyond the typical “up/down” server status alerts, our custom-built monitoring system checks actual server function to ensure not only a “ready” status, but also allows the system to access overall end-to-end delivery performance.  That enables us to proactively react to system issues or bottlenecks before they impact you.

It is one of our core goals and a part of how we do business.  When you sign up with SocketLabs, you never have to worry about your email service provider.

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