Scalable Cloud

Can a cloud email infrastructure help you?

Whether or not you need a cloud email infrastructure depends on what you want to accomplish.

For email delivery, a cloud based email infrastructure gives us the scalability needed to handle the peaks and valleys of your email traffic without service interruption or resource preplanning. It also allows us to maintain a superior email delivery service, built on the best-in-class computing infrastructure while controlling costs for you, our customer.

Our cloud-based email delivery solution is called SocketLabs On-Demand. The SocketLabs On-Demand servers are hosted and fully managed by our email delivery experts to ensure top deliverability and performance.

SocketLabs utilizes the most sophisticated technology when it comes to our cloud servers. The best cloud based email service, our on-demand system is flexible, scalable, and increases reliability by allowing dynamic reallocation of resources when activity spikes. Of course, this all happens behind the scenes. For you, we simply provide the email relay service you need, when you need it.

A cloud based email infrastructure allows us to bring you the best in bulk email, transactional email, and marketing email delivery. Sign up for a free account and see for yourself how our cloud email services can help you experience delivery done right.

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