Suppression List

You might be surprised by how many businesses accidentally spam their customers, leading to bigger problems down the road. With our email delivery solutions, we’ll help you avoid little mistakes that could tarnish your online reputation.

Our email suppression list system automatically blocks email to any invalid addresses or any email address from which you received a spam complaint. Consistently delivering email to bad addresses or recipients who have complained will hurt your reputation as a sender, reducing your online reputation and ability to send legitimate emails to the people who matter.

In the SocketLabs On-Demand email suppression list dashboard, you can view failure data including date added; failed address and nature of failure, whether it was sent to an invalid address or a complaint was issued; whether it was a soft or hard failure; and the ISP and email address the complaint came from. In order to protect your sender reputation and ensure maximum deliverability, you can not remove email addresses from the suppression list if they are on the list due to a spam complaint.

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