Hurricane MTA Server significantly increased our delivery rate. We generated more traffic to our sites and a greater return for our advertisers. More importantly we can keep our relationship with our readers alive retaining brand loyalty and future proofing our business.
Ben Sole  |  Chief Operating Officer, Online RBI Australia
A successful email campaign starts with the right hardware and software solutions to ensure deliverability and performance. Hurricane MTA Server delivers an easy to use and high performance MTA solution, perfectly suited for the speed and accuracy we need in our high growth business.
Kim Reed Perell  |  President , Frontline Direct
Hurricane MTA Server has significantly improved our email delivery performance. In addition, the advanced reporting and logging features in Hurricane MTA Server have reduced the time required to investigate deliverability issues by at least 50 percent.
Christopher Harris  |  Email Specialist , Blackbaud
Now a client for nearly 5 years, we could not speak more highly of SocketLabs. From the quality of service and data, the throughput, deliverability to the recipients, and receiving near real time feedback about our deliverability, it has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Their support team is fabulous and it is an absolute delight and very reassuring to know that they are looking after our interests. With Socketlabs, we are not being treated like a number. We are being treated like a proper client.
Kevin Baker  |  Technical Director, Eproductive Ltd.
Nobody gives support like SocketLabs. We’ve been working together for at least 8 years now, and we wouldn’t trust anybody else with our email delivery.
Lindsay Willott  |  Customer Thermometer
SocketLabs provides end-to-end support from contact upload to email delivery, along with robust reporting. We would absolutely recommend SocketLabs to enterprises looking for high deliverability of large volumes of transactional and commerce-related email.
Todd VanScoter  |  Systems Engineer, PAYCHEX
Thank you for your mail. I’ve had good success using your service so far. I’d have to say I’m impressed with the fact that the emails never get jammed and get delivered on time.

It gives me the confidence to know that our operations would be stable and deliver timely information.

Thanks for this great service.

Uchenna Onukwue  |  Mega Equities
Loving the service. I’m going to tell my friends about it.
Rob Kowald  |  Hits Now Music
The service is running GREAT.

Smooth, easy to use, user friendly, I am very glad using your platform. My deliverability has increased notoriously. I am really really satisfied. Thank you!

Maximiliano Lobos  |  123 Ingles Academy
I love SocketLabs. It is the best cloud service that I have used so far.
Karthik Sankar  |  FoodALot
I can say after only a few days of being on the SocketLabs service that we are impressed with the reporting and usage features, allowing us to track emails, failures, etc.

We signed up for SocketLabs because we need to be able to guarantee email delivery. A problem we have noticed as technology providers is that using cloud servers from AWS, Azure or any of the other providers available, you often find yourself with IP addresses that were previously used for illicit email activities and have been blacklisted by several of the blacklisting and spam reporting authorities. This causes a problem with our legitimate business clients who rely on email delivery to run their business. Using a service such as SocketLabs helps us ensure that our business clients can get their email where it needs to be.

Additionally, we were subscribed to a different service provider for SMTP Smart Host services, and were experiencing issues with the timeliness of email delivery and their service pricing was more than SocketLabs, but with less features.

Paul Leming  |  President, Ideal Technologies, Inc.
The customer service for Socket Labs is absolutely incredible. It’s
refreshing and humbling to get such a high level of customer service from
an online service.
Mark Evans  |  Candidate Video (
We tried your competitor and they were almost impossible to get in touch with and when we finally did, they were no help.

We have always believed that customer service is the reason for our success and it is nice to do business with a company that feels the same.

Bob Heimann  |  Edge Manufacturing
“A few reasons [for why I chose SocketLabs] – You [Customer Service] … Knowledgeable, answered all of my questions, were willing to help in anyway you could. That direct engagement definitely gave you guys a boost! USA built and supported. I like the additional features that I could wrap my head around later and try to sell as an added service.

My goal was to get a trusted IP address to send all of my scanned SMTP mail to. I’m using your service now and I’m already seeing a difference! If it keeps up at anywhere close to the acceptance rate I’m seeing now, I’ll be buying the bronze package by 4 PM tomorrow.

I know I’m going to have good support from you guys and the platform looks like it’s a lot more than I’ll ever need.”

Brad C.  |  President, I. T. Pioneers, Inc.
Up until now I have used a few different autoresponders and mailers set up on my own domains. But I am very glad I found your service when looking for a solution to help with my new business venture.

Initially I joined for the SMTP service, however after checking out what is available here I am so happy, I will be using the email marketing service, the templates are great and so easy to use.

I chose to use you over other services because a) your personal approach, b) free to start c) easy to navigate and use.

Stephen Thomas  |  SkyBlue Studio
Your system is vastly superior as far as user experience, in my opinion – well done!
Steve M.  |  Federated Software Consulting Ltd.
I have been fighting to get your competitor to work for months…. no phone number, just an awkward way to ‘submit a ticket’. I signed up with you today and within 30 minutes I was up and running. I made a phone call to your support team and they would not end the call until they were sure that I understood everything perfectly. You guys are great. Thank you.
Kem Sisson  |  President, Money Movers, Inc.
The SocketLabs team of email experts is always responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. (Read the Complete Success Story Here)
Sandra Felger  |  Operations Manager, Pro Transportation Services, Inc.
It’s vital to have reliable email notifications accompany each election or I won’t stay in business. We selected SocketLabs and have never looked back. (Read the Complete Success Story Here)
David Simms  |  President & Founder, ElectionsOnline
We can’t do business without email and SocketLabs makes email happen for us.  We could have picked tons of providers but I am glad that we chose Socketlabs.  SocketLabs doesn’t just work, it works WITH us.
Jason Storey  |  IT System Administrator, Mage Solar Projects, Inc.
We have recently chosen Socketlabs as our SMTP provider because they are really professional, their services are good, fast and nicely supported by the Socketlabs team. The service is good because the emails sent via the SMTP are always delivered and there is a really nice web console where you can check the status of all emails sent. Their support is very fast to reply when you have a question.  It was also very fast and well documented to get up and running.  After investigating SMTP providers Socketlabs appeared to us as the best SMTP provider that fit our needs.  We are happy with them!
Guillaume Peris  |  Sungard
We developed a mass email delivery system in-house, and when we started to overwhelm our servers, we turned to SocketLabs’ dedicated outbound email solution. The SocketLabs email servers are not only fast, but they are extremely reliable. Our franchise community couldn’t be happier!
Owen Ellington  |  IT Director, PIU Management, LLC
Because of SocketLabs expertise, excellent service and smooth operation, we were able to get out of the email management business and go back to focusing on our core product.  SocketLabs’ turn-key email solution made it easy to off-load our email processing. In addition, they have a friendly, responsive team of email experts that helped us resolve our email deliverability issues and an API and reporting that gives us a critical level of visibility into the process.
Doug Tung  |  CTO,
Forex Robot Trader is a multimillion dollar company that depends on e-mail marketing for its continued success. I put my trust in SocketLabs over a year ago and they have not let me down.  They have answered every e-mail, even on weekends, and guided me along the way to help increase productivity and keep complaints down to a minimum.  I consider SocketLabs like a business partner and their e-mail delivery system is 2nd to none. They continue to add new features continuously.
Don Steinitz  |  President, Forex Robot Trader
We send emails to over 1,000 clients every day. We need to know that those messages will be delivered quickly, and won’t get tagged as spam. We maintain a clean mailing list, and SocketLabs does the rest. Their customer service was very helpful in helping us get our account set up. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable and affordable mail service.
Bryan Crain  |  COO, Wise Brother Media
I just wanted to tell you that I have been using this service for less than an hour and I am already extremely pleased. I can’t believe I didn’t sign up to this years ago. Thanks.
TJ Ruper  |  NHS-Northstar
HEY! We love your service –first time we’ve used it and it’s sorta like “fire and forget.” We blasted you 10,000 emails in a couple hours and then you worry about maximizing delivery by doling them out over time…great!
Gregg Paisley  |  CEO, Chief Mountain Technologies
I just wanted to let you know that your email service ROCKS!! It really has blown away my expectations! Anytime I can send almost 150,000 emails in a day without a single owner complaining – that’s impressive!!
Owen Ellington  |  IT Director, PIU Management, LLC
We decided to use Socketlabs several months ago and could not be happier with our decision. The interface is robust and extremely easy to use. Our email marketing campaigns are integral to the success of our business. The SocketLabs system has allowed us to locate the strengths and weaknesses of our campaigns in order to fine tune their effectiveness.
Matt Gailey  |  Jinx
Working with Socketlabs has allowed us to focus on growing our top line revenue while enjoying the email assurance that they provide. From the moment we signed up through unique challenges that we have experienced, it has been their support and understanding that has made us a loyal customer. We would recommend their services to anyone that is looking for a world class system backed by their world class support.
Kevin McManaway  |  E-Media Direct