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Transactional Email Deliverability

Transactional email is the lifeblood of many businesses – yet transactional email deliverability issues can get in the way.

Have you ever signed up for an online service or made an purchase and had an immediate email response with sensitive information like a password or transaction details? That automatic email response containing your username or payment confirmation is called a transactional email.

“Transactional email” refers to email that was triggered in response to an action, or transaction, you execute with a business — whether that’s entering a contest, asking for more information on a product, or countless other things a person can do to elicit a response. Transactional email deliverability is crucial to your business because your customers expect to receive these kinds of email.

Why Prioritize Transactional Email Deliverability?

How would you feel if you signed up for something or made a purchase and never received your confirmation? Irritated? Confused? Ready to forget about that company altogether? As a business owner, you know how important it is to make sure your email gets where it needs to go. Don’t be the source of a customer’s frustration! But beware: your email server can’t handle high volume transactions on its own, you need a transactional email server designed for high volume sending.

With a transactional email service you can help your customers feel supported instead of frustrated by ensuring there are no problems with transactional email deliverability. They act like automatic customer service reps and build your brand as a legitimate business.

However, when you rely on standard SMTP servers for these sensitive emails, you can sometimes run into delivery issues, blacklistings and other problems with transactional email deliverability. It’s important that all email – including these transactional emails – get to where they need to go.

SocketLabs’ Transactional Email Service

SocketLabs specializes in getting email you send into the inbox. Whether it’s sensitive information that needs to be securely transmitted or a standard “welcome” message, our reliable transactional email service will make sure it gets to your intended recipient. Our platform supports transactional email automation and gives you access to our powerful transactional email API built for developers.

Don’t be the source of a customer’s frustration or risk losing new customers because their expected email confirmation didn’t arrive.

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