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SocketLabs, Inc. was formed as a high-end spin-off of Quiksoft Corporation to service the more advanced email delivery needs of our growing list of customers.  We specialize in sophisticated yet easy to use email delivery solutions that help your email messages get in the inbox, with real-time reporting and in-depth analytics.  SocketLabs has more than 15 years of experience building internet email systems and servicing prominent customers such as Microsoft, Walmart, Citicorp, AOL and American Airlines.  Throughout the years, we have consistently provided excellent service to a very happy customer base.  Our team of email gurus helps companies successfully deliver hundreds of millions of messages every single day.

Our foundation is our technology.  We’ve developed a platform that effectively combines intelligent delivery, customizable scaling, and unparalleled reliability into one powerful email delivery system.  The Hurricane platform is an in-house system that eliminates the challenges associated with building, delivering, and tracking bulk outbound email messages.  It’s designed specifically for Enterprise environments on the Windows platform, providing easy integration with any custom APIs.

Our servers are hosted throughout the country in a widely dispersed network of Tier-1, SAS70-compliant data centers and our redundancy adds an extra layer of protection to decrease the likelihood of downtime or service interruption.  Through scalable cloud technology, we’re able to provide unbeatable service for all of your email needs, regardless of the size or nature of your business.

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700 Turner Industrial Way, Suite 100
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