About SocketLabs

Our mission is to provide the world’s most trusted, innovative, and intelligent message delivery solutions.

SocketLabs was founded in 2007 to change the way people and businesses use email. And while our technology and services have evolved, our commitment to the people we serve has not. For customers who have used other ESPs or are seeking help for the first time, the SocketLabs experience will be a new one. This is technology, services, support, and analytics, built for you. Unlike other ESPs, at SocketLabs, we treat our customers like we treat our own employees, as real people with unique needs. Get ready to experience the SocketLabs difference.

What Makes SocketLabs Different


SocketLabs Hurricane MTA is the foundation of our email delivery infrastructure. Because we built and maintain our own MTA, we can create unique personalized solutions for our customers with the latest industry technologies. Flexible APIs, advanced reporting and analytics, and access to the latest security and encryption are just a few reasons our technology creates a superior email experience.

Our Values

Our Customers

At SocketLabs, our customers come first. Whether it’s building custom solutions to solve unique needs for large senders, or helping smaller customers make important adjustments, every SocketLabs customer has access to the resources they need to maximize their email success.

Our Technology

Our technology is built to simplify and improve the way people use email. Whether it’s our detailed reporting, fault tolerant architecture, or our consistently evolving hurricane MTA backbone, our technology works day and night to achieve your version of email success.

Our Innovation

In the tech industry, innovation is essential. As the email landscape changes, so do we, developing new software and practices that address modern customer needs and consistently simplifies and improves the way email is used.