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SocketLabs grew out of the need to solve email technology problems. When the company was founded, email was an immature technology, used very simply to send communication between individuals. The company’s founders, specialists in software development – were pioneers in the process of evolving email into a strategic business tool.

Beyond providing a simple means of communication, email was envisioned to become the pervasive, multifaceted communication channel that it is today. As a result, the company’s mission became helping customers build sophisticated and specialized email delivery solutions. This objective led to the development of their first email transfer agent product, Hurricane MTA, which hit the market in 2007.

As email began thriving, companies naturally found their email volumes rising – in some cases exponentially. The increase in demand placed great strain on traditional internal email servers and was accompanied by droves of “bad actors” who muddied the email landscape. This created a huge challenge for legitimate businesses trying to deliver transactional and marketing messages. The challenge is ensuring that legitimate, business-critical messages can be delivered, despite a very turbulent environment that’s filled with heightened scrutiny and fear on the email recipient’s side.

SocketLabs empowers our clients to succeed in this environment through strict adherence to the SocketLabs Methodology – our guiding framework which helps the company achieve customers’ business objectives through the channel of email communication. The SocketLabs Methodology is the anchor of our approach, defining the ideal manner in which messages are constructed, protected, tracked, delivered and handled as part of a robust and secure business workflow.

The fact that thousands of customers around the globe trust us to send and provide insight on billions of critical messages each year is a testament to the strength of our team, our vision, and our ability to deliver value.

We invite you to experience “The Science of Hitting the Inbox”.

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