A microscope for your email

Sometimes aggregate metrics don't cut it, so Guided Insights pulls back the curtain.

Identify subaccounts and issues needing

your attention first with urgency filtering

Performance issues are broken down by

type to enable faster and easier resolution

Under-performing subaccounts stay

front and center with StreamScore,

our proprietary reputation scoring system

Compare very recent performance with

longer trends to catch emerging trends faster

Guided Insights

A journey to enlightenment

Before you can be guided to a higher plane of email existence, you need a quick and easy way to identify if there’s even a need to elevate your game. Your first step to Guided Insights starts at your aggregate data found in our StreamMonitor tool.   You’ll quickly pick out subaccounts in need of intervention via an urgency score assigned by multi-day performance trends. Then, with Guided Insights, you can get a breakdown of several key components of the score itself in five clicks or less.

More knowledge at every turn

Knowing you need to improve performance isn’t enough. Guided Insights immediately gets into the exact cause of snafus. It will detect and communicate elements like list hygiene, recipient frequency, and sign-up policies. 


You probably thought that’s the end, right? Wrong. We don’t just tell you about unengaged recipients. We can tell you 15% of them are unengaged. Where? At Gmail in particular. Now that’s detail. 

Identify granular issues with email performance, paired with actionable advice on how to improve.
Finding that pot of gold (aka the inbox) at the end of a rainbow is easier with SocketLabs' next-step guidance broken down by categories, including Audience, Engagement, Reputation, and Security.

Your map to email gold

Did you think we’d leave you hanging? No, it doesn’t just provide the microscopic data for you interpret on your own. It actually gives you recommendations on how to fix the problems.   Remember those unengaged 15%? Well, Guided Insights will give you that tidbit plus a suggestion to restrict your messages to recipients who have engaged in the last 90 days. With guidance like this, you can chart a strategic, targeted, and successful plan to improve.

Take it from our happy customers

"SocketLabs is clearly driven by customer success and has become a trusted partner of SignUp.com"
"It was like a breath of fresh air having something that we could plug into in our environment, and make a few customizations, and be up and running in the blink of an eye."
"We should have transitioned a long time ago. With SocketLabs, we're not just a number. I've got the name of a person I can ring up if I've got a problem."
"We always want to be at the forefront of the marketing automation world, and SocketLabs helps us do that."
"We've been working together for at least 8 years, and we wouldn't trust anybody else with our email delivery."
Lindsay Willott
CEO, Customer Thermometer
"Ultimately, we realized that email is an incredibly specialized area requiring dedicated, expert resources. We saw vast improvement after switching to SocketLabs’ managed email service."

Take a guided journey to the future!