Integrate Tracking Data with Our Full-Featured Email API

Do you need to be able to display email statistics in your own customer interface?  Do you need a more efficient way of injecting your bulk email messages to improve your application performance? SocketLabs On-Demand provides an email API to meet your needs!

Reporting API

Our Reporting API is a RESTful API that enables you to query for sent, failed, complaint, open, or click events associated with your email.  See our Reporting API documentation for a complete overview of API capabilities.

Injection API

The Injection API provides users with the ability to send messages through HTTP POST requests, as opposed to standard SMTP message injection (which is also supported by SocketLabs On-Demand).  The Injection API provides users with both the ability to do inline mail merges in a single HTTP POST request, and the choice of JSON or XML based on their application and business needs. See our Injection API documentation for a complete overview of API capabilities.

Notification API (Webhook)

The Notification API provides the ability to subscribe to automatically generated HTTP POST event notifications, which can be consumed by your own applications. This type of API is commonly referred to as a “webhook”. Notifications are generated for SMTP events such as delivered messages, failed messages, and FBL messages received.

This email API makes it easy to receive real-time notification of these events, written in any language, on any platform, in any location, without the need to write traditional plugins. We recommend the use of the Notification API over the Reporting API whenever possible, as the receipt of real-time notificiations for every event is much more efficient than after-the-fact queries against our system via the Reporting API. See our Notification API documentation for a complete overview of API capabilities.

Our email APIs are programming language agnostic and provide developers with easy access to your server resources no matter what application environment.

See our Developer Reference for a complete overview of our email API capabilities.

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