Are you compliant?

Gmail and Yahoo have started enforcing their new sender requirements. If you’re not compliant, your email performance might be suffering.
Here’s how to know.
Monitors displaying Google's Compliance Dashboard and a SocketLabs performance monitoring report.

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Join Google, Yahoo, and SocketLabs for a live discussion on successful email marketing in 2024

Ask the sources directly

SocketLabs’ CMO Lauren Meyer will host an interactive discussion with Clea Moore of Yahoo and Dan Givol of Google on April 10 where attendees can ask their pressing questions now that their requirements are in full effect.
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Monitor key indicators

Especially bounces! Right now, temporary bounces or deferrals are your more telling metric. If you’re noticing more deferrals than usual, you should double-check you’re fully adhering to the rules.
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Google Postmaster tools has been updated to include a compliance dashboard.

Use Postmaster Tools

Google has released a v2 of their Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) interface to help bulk senders understand whether they’re consistently compliant or not. Now you can check your compliance status by domain!
The great news? If you’re compliant with Google, you’re also compliant with Yahoo since their requirements are the same. Our guide will tell you how to make the most of all that GPT has to offer, including their new compliance dashboard.

Ask for help if you need it

As more time goes by, Google and Yahoo will be more firm in actually rejecting mail. You’ll want to make sure you are watching ALL the important performance signals impacting your deliverability, beyond opens and clicks.


SocketLabs Spotlight reporting gives you a birds-eye look at all your activity, including campaign-level and recipient-level data, so you can keep tabs on your performance easily.

Identify problems directly from your SocketLabs dashboard

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