Pinpoint your pain point

Seeing your email performance is good, but it’s not enough. You need to know why you’re performing the way you are. That’s where SocketLabs Spotlight shines.


We’ll even let you try it for 90 days for free.

SocketLabs' Spotlight reporting allows senders to identify, understand, and solve email performance issues.

Go beyond your intuition

Identify problems directly from your SocketLabs dashboard
SocketLabs' email platform provides deep insight into performance so you can spot issues with ease.

Spot the crime quickly

You can’t understand and solve an email performance problem unless you know you have one. Unfortunately, other reporting tools don’t make that easy to do. 


SocketLabs’ Spotlight’s sending overview dashboard instantly surfaces unusual activity or general performance decline. Using custom filters and our color-coded indicators, you can quickly identify where you need to spend your time investigating.

Sniff out clues easily

You won’t even need to dig. Your StreamScore gives you rapid look at your email health; green numbers indicate things are ok, yellow hints at danger ahead, and red reveals a damaging situation.
Your overall StreamScore is informed by four reputation-impacting categories, each with their own color-coded number. Knowing you are scoring poorly in the audience bucket narrows your search for answers significantly.
diagnostic sniff out (2)
SocketLabs Email Platform allows you to spot delivery issues with StreamMonitor and then create rules to optimize future delivery using Rule Engine.

Solve the mystery

From your StreamScore comes Guided Insights, which is where your mysteries can come to an end. We’ll be able to tell you where things are going wrong, and usually this points to a clear cause.


With just a few clicks, your general knowledge of an audience problem turns into a guided insight that your 20% bounce rate at Microsoft is likely due to an old or unclean list. Consider your case of the low audience score closed.

Call for backup

OK, the reality of email is that it isn’t always straightforward. Rules change, engagement fluctuates, and a whole lot of things can negatively impact performance.


For those hard-to-crack cases, you can reach our expert support team. They’ve got years of email experience, are familiar with our tools (of course), and can help you solve those extra mysterious mysteries.

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You're Watson. We're Holmes.

When you need real investigative power, our tools and your data combine to create an unstoppable, email optimizing partnership.

Survey the whole scene to find areas of interest you should investigate further.

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