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Blanket user permissions aren't secure enough. It's time to get specific.

Give the right level of permission ot the right user for the right accounts and subaccounts, every time.

Allow full or partial access and read/write

permissions at the account and sub-account level

Ensure every user has the right level

of access to tools, configuration settings,

reporting, and list management features

Provide access to only the types of users who

need it. Imagine your deliverability notifications

going to your email team, not accounting. Yay!

Give users subaccess to only the data and tools they need; nothing else!

Basic safety is key

Our platform users typically have at least a handful of subaccounts or servers. Lots of them have dozens or more. At SocketLabs, all our senders get enterprise-level user permission capabilities right out of the box.


Then we allow you to get very specific about what users have which permissions. If you don’t want an individual to have access to certain information, you can limit their access to a specific subaccount and even one specific function.

No rogue actors allowed here

Not everyone can be trusted, and not everyone stays at their job for 30 years. Today you’re at risk to have a security or data breach because of even a tiny misstep by a person who shouldn’t have been where they were. Limit them to exactly where they should be.


Or, let’s say one individual creates all the API keys and they leave, making their account inactive…Keys are gone. Trouble arrives. At SocketLabs we separate configuration access from user permissions so your subaccount settings stay…set. Phew.

Give users access to the right tools and features with the SocketLabs email platform

Separate church and state

An email platform can feel like a fun house when there are no clear guardrails. Maybe everyone in your team is allowed to be in the house, but anyone can wander into the wrong room, unintentionally or otherwise. You don’t want someone from billing to accidentally get into a subaccount and flip the wrong switch. Surely they wouldn’t like that, either.


When you use SocketLabs, you don’t need to have any blanket permissions whatsoever, even within individual subaccounts. If you want someone to have access to a subaccount but not every feature, you can choose to be hyper-selective.

Stay A Step Ahead

If your current platform doesn’t even have customizable user permissions, they probably don’t have any of this, either.


Create real-time notifications to alert you to performance issues you need to investigate and solve ASAP.

These customers are living their safest email lives.

"SocketLabs is clearly driven by customer success and has become a trusted partner of"

"It was like a breath of fresh air having something that we could plug into in our environment, and make a few customizations, and be up and running in the blink of an eye."

"We should have transitioned a long time ago. With SocketLabs, we're not just a number. I've got the name of a person I can ring up if I've got a problem."

"We always want to be at the forefront of the marketing automation world, and SocketLabs helps us do that."

"We've been working together for at least 8 years, and we wouldn't trust anybody else with our email delivery."
Lindsay Willott
CEO, Customer Thermometer

"Ultimately, we realized that email is an incredibly specialized area requiring dedicated, expert resources. We saw vast improvement after switching to SocketLabs’ managed email service."

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