APSIS and SocketLabs

APSIS is a global technology company based in Sweden which provides digital marketing solutions to thousands of customers in virtually every industry. Their APSIS Pro SaaS platform has been widely embraced as a product for executing targeted marketing campaigns, hosting events, and conducting client surveys. Their next-generation marketing platform, called APSIS One, offers customers data-driven, hyper-personalized marketing experiences with behavior-triggered automation.

“The SocketLabs team has proven themselves to be a stable and valuable partner.”

Founded in 2001, it was evident to APSIS’ leaders at a very early stage that email would be an important part of their platform’s future.

“Customers wanted an email delivery service as part of the solution,” said email deliverability specialist Peter Malm, who has been with APSIS for over 11 years. “For example, they wanted a solution that could send marketing newsletters and handle transactional email sending from their applications. Today, the success of our business requires the ability to reliably deliver emails. It is a vitally important capability that benefi ts every one of our customers. SocketLabs has been a very supportive and valued technology partner for over a decade and helped make email deliverability a true strength of our company.”

Technology and Support that Makes the Difference

SocketLabs’ on-premises Hurricane mail transfer agent (MTA) software is the backbone of APSIS’ email sending, which they do on behalf of clients in more than 200 countries around the world. Hurricane’s native scalability, together with customizations from the SocketLabs team, is an essential part of empowering APSIS to send more than half a billion emails every month.

Whereas deliverability expertise was once considered secondary to the software, today it is a level field, according to Malm, where both are recognized for the value they provide.

While the APSIS team greatly values the core MTA technology, Malm described how the relationship with SocketLabs and a consultative partnership regarding deliverability issues has been a vital part of enabling APSIS’ impressive email volume growth.

“SocketLabs has always been there to support our internal deliverability team and help drive our capabilities further.”

Malm is especially thankful for the team of developers at SocketLabs who continue to innovate and support the Hurricane MTA software. “The SocketLabs” team have been true partners to us,” he said. “We didn’t just buy a product, we have a team that is listening to us about what our business needs to make our customers successful. They are very responsive and have been willing to develop new software components to meet our specific needs.”

Optimizing Performance

According to infrastructure architect Robert Hong, a 10-year APSIS veteran, there are many powerful Hurricane features that help the APSIS team support email deliverability. “We always want to be in the forefront of the marketing automation world, and SocketLabs helps us do that,” he said. “From a customization perspective, the ability to apply various delivery rules for different domains allows our team to tailor unique solutions for our customers. Specifically, we can dynamically shape the traffic to fit each ISP’s preference and thereby optimize our customers’ performance.”

Improved Security

Message security and encryption are also critical for us,” Hong continued. “Hurricane allows us to support customers with both passive TLS encryption — for when the receiving side allows it and strict encryption which we can enforce for specific domains.” He also values the ability of Hurricane to simplify email authentication via DKIM signatures to improve message security

Decreased Infrastructure Costs

Hong also noted how SocketLabs helps APSIS minimize infrastructure costs. “Our team is responsible for getting the most value from our investments. SocketLabs’ development team has done very valuable work for us to increase email volume and performance. These efforts have helped us scale significantly while minimizing the need for additional hardware purchases.”

Value in Partnership

“SocketLabs have proven themselves to be a stable and valuable partner,” Malm concluded. “We look forward to expanding our email communications capabilities with SocketLabs’ engineering and deliverability support.”

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