Using NEW Tags and Metadata in SocketLabs

tags and metadata

Oops, we did it again. We made our SocketLabs Spotlight email analytics even more capable of providing deeply nuanced, filtered, and meaningful reports to improve your performance by building in tags and metadata!  SocketLabs customers (whether or not they send email via our platform or simply use Spotlight Analytics) now have the ability to slice […]

Embracing Change: The Evolution of SocketLabs and Email Marketing

We’ve been telling the story of SocketLabs for almost 20 years now. While it’s evolved in some ways, we’re primarily known as a solution for senders needing on-premises MTA solutions or transactional email.  But today, that only scratches the surface of what we do.  In fact, we’re no longer just an ESP.  SocketLabs is much […]

First-party Email Data is the Future of Deliverability

first-party data

Deliverability is an essential part of email success. After all, you can’t connect with your email audience if they’re not seeing your emails in their inbox. What kind of email data are you mostly relying on to help you understand your email performance: first-party or third-party data? If you’re using some of the most popular […]

Hold, Please: Deferred Bounces

deferred bounces

We’re well past the deadline for adhering to bulk sender requirements set by both Google and Yahoo, and surprise, the email world is still spinning.  That’s not to say there hasn’t been any impact on delivery for those who are not fully in compliance with their rules, though. For now, Google and Yahoo are simply […]

New Product: Spotlight Reporting for Your ESP

socketlabs spotlight

Big news, folks. We’ve got a brand-new product available, and you don’t even need to send email through our infrastructure to use it. It’s called SocketLabs Spotlight, and it’s a multi-feature, comprehensive reporting platform enhanced with the power of Snowflake® technology.  If you’re a Twilio SendGrid® customer, you can now purchase our reporting suite. Send […]

Email in 2025 Featuring Louis Driving Hawk, SocketLabs

Email in 2025 contributor card highlighting Louis Driving Hawk

Please welcome Louis Driving Hawk! Louis has a passion for helping customers improve their email program, get more mail into the inbox, and drive business results by designing complex customer journeys through meaningful segmentation. After 10 years in the industry, including brand-side experiences and several positions with industry-leading companies like SendGrid, his mission is solving […]

Email in 2025 Featuring Tim Moore, SocketLabs

Email in 2025 contributor card highlighting SocketLabs CEO Tim Moore

Please welcome our own SocketLabs CEO, Tim Moore! Tim is a self-proclaimed email nerd with 16+ years of email experience spanning across deliverability, anti-phishing, marketing automation at scale, and email analytics. His experiences at industry leading companies (Return Path, 250ok, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Valimail) have led him to SocketLabs where the mission is to […]