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WEDNESDAY | JUNE 12, 2024 | 12-1 PM ET

As a group, we’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities of running a deeply complex email program with dozens of separate mail streams or customers. 


No recordings. No live streaming. No spammers! Just a space for likeminded email folks to network and have candid, meaningful, and innovative conversations with a community of trusted peers. Ask questions, share ideas, get inspired.


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*Space is limited to keep the session interactive.

Brainstorm with your email marketing peers during our monthly SocketLabs virtual roundtable.

Network, brainstorm and collaborate with your email marketing and product peers

Emails flowing into a mailbox

Uncover hidden pitfalls and discover innovative solutions for complex email programs

Discuss actual use cases and issues attendees are struggling with — submit yours!

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Here are samples of the types of companies participating in our roundtable for Senior Product and Email Marketing Leaders and some of the challenges they’re struggling with. We’ll choose two topics to discuss as a group throughout the course of 1 hour together. Peoples’ names and companies will not be shared unless they ask us to. 


CEO, Marketing Automation

Challenge: Identifying Problem Senders Before They Impact Other Customers 


VP of Product, Email Service Provider 

Challenge: Complying with Gmail and Yahoo’s New Sender Requirements (coming in Feb 2024)


Senior Manager of CRM, Healthcare 

Challenge: Segmentation and Personalization 


Senior Vice President of Marketing, Higher Education 

Challenge: Emails Aren’t Reaching Applicants 


Director of Digital Marketing, Magazine Publisher 

Challenge: Low Engagement and Conversion Rates 


SVP of Product, eCommerce Platform 

Challenge: Onboarding UX is Impacting Signups & Conversions 


Submit the challenge you’re facing for this month’s roundtable discussion! You can do so anonymously. 


*Registrants supporting non-permissioned email activities (aka cold email) are not permitted.