Large-scale email can have large-scale problems.

Current email reporting platforms aren’t designed for complexity. Without a better way to see, analyze, and understand the performance of enterprise email programs, you’re left in the dark. 

Email can make or break a business

Even if you don't use SocketLabs as your email service provider, we have data for days. How? We have proprietary solutions to combine first-party (we'll get to that next) and third-party data to assess reputation and spot trends. Using our data combined with major mailbox provider data, our platform supplements data from your ESP to provide contextual data to give you a 360-degree look at your email performance.

Multiple streams can create muddy data

Enterprise businesses don’t often have simple or straightforward email programs. Whether multiple product lines, business units, or simply different objectives, you have lots of email with lots of performance data.
Other ESPs toss that data into one reporting tool without an easy way to slice and dice the data into manageable chunks like subaccounts or independent mail streams. SocketLabs Spotlight lets you go from account-wide to subaccount-specific in just a few clicks. Build the right dashboard view, save, and share.

Data-less decisions are hard to make

Every aspect of each email campaign has a direct impact on an enterprise business. When you can’t see stream-specific performance, you’re left making blanket decisions without the clarity or guidance to make improvements tailored to your email’s objectives.
SocketLabs Spotlight provides StreamScores based on more than 35 data points for each subaccount or stream so you can see what is happening, why, and how you can create positive change.
Identify problems with list quality, engagement, and sender reputation straight from your dashboard
Understand what's driving and how to improve performance with specific guidance from StreamScore

Best next steps are difficult to determine

Other reporting platforms give you numbers and maybe some insights, if you’re lucky. There’s no behavior-based guidance to be found, leaving you entirely responsible for figuring out what to do to improve.
SocketLabs Spotlight uses the diagnostic information available to provide best practices and advice tailored to the exact factors affecting your email performance.

Email analysis takes too long

You need to see trends and patterns quickly to avoid missing time-dependent opportunities. Other reporting tools struggle to bring you insights from an enterprise-size business without breaking.
SocketLabs Spotlight can process up to 13 months of data, including year-over-year analysis without lags or time-outs because it’s Powered by Snowflake.
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Email can make or break a business

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"We should have transitioned a long time ago. With SocketLabs, we're not just a number. I've got the name of a person I can ring up if I've got a problem."

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