Everything from everywhere, all at once

Replace raw data anxiety with actionable insights, right on your dashboard.

Tracking performance is easy with the SocketLabs sending overview, available right on your dashboard

Identify problematic trends and drops in performance

with our proprietary StreamScore reputation tool

Run recipient searches straight

from your SocketLabs dashboard

Identify problems with list quality, engagement, and sender reputation straight from your dashboard

Address emerging issues head on with specific guidance

Don’t lose the forest for the trees. Nitty-gritty details are good but without the full picture, you’re not able to make essential connections between activity and performance.
With our sending overview, you’ll see all email activity, aggregate insights, and complete-landscape context without needing to piece together information from multiple sources.

Display your data your way

Each sender has their own needs. Why use a static dashboard designed with someone else in mind?   SocketLabs’ sending overview provides extensive filtering and sorting options to create the view you need to get the information you want in one location. Go ahead and save it, too. Sharing is caring!
A view of the 20+ filters you can create and save to customize your socketlabs dashboard
Access up to 13 months of year-over-year trending data and dive into deeper level investigations into failed deliveries, engagement and sender reputation issues.

Let data drive your strategy, with visuals

Get up to 13 months of data directly within Spotlight to make year-over-year trend analysis a breeze.


Goodbye spreadsheets and data pulls. Hello actionable insights and visualizations, Powered by Snowflake.

From Overview to Focused-view

Think of your sending overview as your diving board: Swan-dive right into any pool of data you want! We have reports of all kinds just waiting to be explored. 

Identify if your sender reputation is healthy. See a drop? Click through and get the details in a flash.

Get a detailed look at the health of your audience with a quick report on engagement.

Need to confirm someone received an email? Pop their address in and see their activity  without hours of searching. 

Review performance for any email distribution to choose what worked, what didn’t, and what to do next.

Ready to shine a spotlight on your performance?

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