Embracing Change: The Evolution of SocketLabs and Email Marketing

We’ve been telling the story of SocketLabs for almost 20 years now. While it’s evolved in some ways, we’re primarily known as a solution for senders needing on-premises MTA solutions or transactional email.  But today, that only scratches the surface of what we do.  In fact, we’re no longer just an ESP.  SocketLabs is much […]

First 2024 Priority: Meeting Google and Yahoo Email Standards 

Google and Yahoo email standards

When do mailbox providers’ preferences become less of a best practice and more of a better-do-this-or-else practice? We found out recently Google and Yahoo email standards are changing when they announced they’ll require senders to follow a set of security protocols to even be admitted entrance to their users’ inboxes.  Since this is a broad […]

The World’s First Sending Platform for ESPs is Finally Here

A SocketLabs employee pushing a button to manage his IP pools

Raise your hand if you are an email service provider (ESP) using the sending infrastructure of a huge provider like SendGrid. Raise your other hand if you are unhappy with your ability to manage it for your diverse customer set. We’d bet a lot of people are raising the roof right now.  To be fair, […]

Intern Spotlight – Software Engineering

Meet John Quimbo, newest team member at SocketLabs

SocketLabs’ internship program started in 2013 with the purpose of providing real-world, professional experience to students in a variety of fields from computer science to marketing. Today, the program continues to help students jumpstart their careers in the SaaS space.  Meet John Quimbo. His internship at SocketLabs began in October 2020, and he’s recently been […]

We Stand with Ukraine

a painted flag from the Ukraine

As the situation in Ukraine continues, many of us at SocketLabs struggle to wrap our minds around what’s happening. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine. Peace, safety, security, and freedom for all.

Intern Spotlight – SocketLabs Career Development

socketlabs' internship program

SocketLabs’ internship program began in 2013, providing real-world experience to students in a variety of fields. Today, the program continues to help students like Praneeth Chandra jumpstart their careers within the SaaS space.

SocketLabs’ Solution for Service Providers

socketlabs service provider solution

In today’s email landscape, we realized service providers are underserved – forced to shoehorn multi-tenant operations into single-tenant environments. So we got to work, building the next generation of multi-tenant email infrastructure.