The World’s First Sending Platform for ESPs is Finally Here

Raise your hand if you are an email service provider (ESP) using the sending infrastructure of a huge provider like SendGrid. Raise your other hand if you are unhappy with your ability to manage it for your diverse customer set. We’d bet a lot of people are raising the roof right now. 

To be fair, SendGrid isn’t the only email infrastructure provider with an unwieldy platform. Most gigantic providers will give you the same problem. It’s because they’ve built a platform for direct senders. Sure, they’ve Frankenstein’d things together to make it work for ESPs.  

However, when it comes to building tools critical for ESPs who are supporting the email programs of their hundreds, if not thousands, of customers, they’re just too busy doing…you know, the other stuff they do now, like marketing automation and SMS. Cool stuff, but not the stuff you need.  

Enter the all-in-one sending platform designed for ESPs

That’s why we’ve developed an entirely new sending platform with built-in management tools. It’s everything you wish you always had when trying to manage your sending infrastructure, all in the same place where you send email for your customers. Because as an ESP ourselves, we’ve been there and we just…get it.

Sending email at scale is hard! And if you’ve purchased a sending platform to push email through those pipes, or if you’ve ever worked for an ESP using third-party technology, you have an understanding of how complex it can be to manage.  

Sure, the sending pipes are there. But what isn’t there? 

Tools to find problems easily 

Spending hours running and wading through reports is like trying to find a needle in a haystack as you painstakingly comb through which accounts might be causing reputation or performance issues. You can stop doing that now. 

Instead, use a magnet to pull those needles right out of the haystack.  

Our new StreamMonitor and Guided Reporting tools will surface problem accounts with a color-coded system to help you quickly determine which senders are highest priority. Not only that, but after you determine which subaccounts need your attention, now you can also manage how they send from the same platform.  

screenshot of StreamMonitor in email infrastructure management platform

In just a few clicks, you’ll not only understand what the issue is, but also where it is, why, and what needs to be done to solve it. 

  • Click to the dashboard. 
  • Click into a problem account. 
  • Click into the details. 

And boom, you’ve got what you need to start tinkering.  

Speaking of tinkering… 

Tools to solve problems faster 

When you use an email sending platform from a mega-provider, any issues with the pipes are yours to own and fix. To be fair, if their pipes completely explode and they cannot deliver any mail, they’ll work on that for you…but they’ll do it on their own timeline. 

But when there is an issue in your control, like a bad sender peeing in the IP pool, it’s your job to remove the sender from the pool and put them where they belong. The toilet, probably. Anyway… 

We’ve enabled you to do just that with Rule Engine. 

Automate traffic shaping with message- and sender-specific attributes to ensure mail is flowing through the most appropriate IP pools. You can easily route mail from problematic senders into a pool with a lower reputation while you whip them into shape to avoid tainting the pristine, crystal-clear pools used by your most responsible senders.  

And get this – you won’t need to enlist the help of developers or the IT team. This platform is a no-code solution to give you the control to make changes as needed. No more lag, no more nag. 

Tools to improve satisfaction  

Not only can the email, dev, and IT teams breathe a sigh of relief, but so can your customer-facing teams. 

Couple the ability to see accounts needing attention immediately with the ability to solve issues in near-real-time with automated rules and you have a power couple designed to get ahead of issues before your senders even notice them. Instead, you can proactively contact senders with performance updates to build trust and confidence. Happier customers make happier conversation. 

Tools to make an impact  

We’ve all heard it: We need to do more with less. Of course, now everyone is saying their products do that exact thing. 

Listen. For our new platform, it’s not about doing more with less…It’s about doing less and getting more. Protecting your teams’ bandwidth, well-being, and productivity while simultaneously improving business performance, reducing churn, and growing revenue. 

Burnout doesn’t have to be a daily battle.  

Now deliverability teams can find warning signs and then proactively optimize performance to nip the problem in the bud before it even becomes a problem. Compliance teams are less likely to burn out thanks to our platform. Developers won’t need to walk away from the product roadmap to help with email infrastructure tweaks. Customer-facing teams won’t continuously field calls from angry customers who found an issue with their delivery before their ESP did. 

Tools made…for you 

Simply put, this is the email sending platform we wished we had when we worked at ESPs around the industry in a whole bunch of different roles. It was designed by people with over a decade of real-life experience in compliance, deliverability, engineering, and IT. 

It’s super-powered by tools made for ESPs, by ESPs. And not just any ESP, but SocketLabs, a group of people who simply love email and want to innovate there because it’s what makes our customers happy. The future is (still) email, and we think the power to make it better for senders shouldn’t be in the hands of gigantic companies where email is only a portion of their business. The power should be in, well…your hands!  

So here it is. The sending AND management solution you’ve been waiting for. Are you ready to take the fate of your business out of someone else’s hands and put them firmly into yours? We are.

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