Next Sender, Please: Queue Architecture and Traffic Shaping

First things first, we want to set the scene: Today’s email environment is now shaped by the new sets of rules outlined and enforced by two major mailbox providers, Google and Yahoo. Here’s a quick run-down of those guidelines, which were implemented in February in large part to reduce the amount of spam sent to […]

Enhancing Email Management in Higher Education: Discover SocketLabs’ Solutions

Higher education institutions have lots of responsibilities. Though email communication maybe isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when people think higher education, it is an absolutely integral part of the operation of colleges and universities. In fact, an overall of 51% of students reported email was a primary path to enrollment.  Email has […]

10 Ways the Right Email Infrastructure Can Grow Your Business

A conversation about problems without also discussing solutions isn’t at all productive. So, while I wrote a good amount of words about the dangers and risks of using the wrong email infrastructure partner, it’s only responsible of me to share ways the right email infrastructure solution can improve your own email sending business rather than […]

How to Conduct an Email Customer Vetting with Example Questions

How to conduct high-volume email customer vetting (with example questionnaire included!)

It can only take one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch (of sending IPs). So, email service providers (ESPs) enact an entire process to research new customers in an to attempt to weed out the bad actors (worms) before they’re able to send their first email. Without proper vetting, spammers and fraudsters can wreak […]

10 Ways the Wrong Email Infrastructure Impacts Your Business

Though this may come as a surprise to some end users, people in the complex email community like email service providers (ESPs) or multi-domain senders know omnichannel marketing platforms leverage several different vendors to fulfill the technical email sending process.    What is perhaps a surprise to some is not all vendors are the same, […]

Using Pre-vetting to Protect your Self-serve ESP Platform

When the Certified Senders Alliance asked me to participate in a webinar about best practices for email onboarding, I jumped at the chance. It’s such a nuanced topic with so many ways to creatively and easily keep email service providers (ESPs), especially self-serve models, reputable and successful.  While of course I believe watching the entire […]

Nurture the seeds of success with email best practices for complex senders

Email best practices pictured as a man watering flowers with envelopes on top of the stems.

Even for the most direct sending use cases where you’re sending on a single domain, email best practices can feel a little bit more like…suggestions. Sometimes we’re guilty of not using our best judgment and while sometimes there’s little to no consequence, that doesn’t mean they’re not important. Like…REALLY important.  Best practices for every sender […]

Avoid the reputation wrecking ball

Right out of the gate, here is some advice: You should absolutely care about a bad reputation.  Complex senders like email service providers need to care about two different types of reputation to be able to feel secure in the market. First and most obviously, having adequate IP and IP pool reputation to better ensure […]

Build, Buy…Diversify!

Build buy or diversify with a mailbox with 3 types of mail going in.

By now, after reading our Build or Buy eBook, which you most certainly did (right?), you likely have a good understanding of the nuance between building or buying your email infrastructure.  If you didn’t read it, it’s no biggie – we’ll give you a quick primer here but strongly encourage you get the full run-down […]