Monitoring SMTP Failures to Improve Email Performance

SMTP failures

Like we’ve covered before, simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) is the common standard for sending email, especially when talking about transactional emails like password resets and shipping notifications. However, though it’s reliable and been in use for decades now (wow), it’s not something you want to trust blindly because you still will experience SMTP failures […]

When is an Email Sent by SMTP Considered Delivered?

Ever wondered about SMTP email delivery and what it actually means for an email to be considered delivered? Is it when the email reaches the inbox? Is it when it’s opened? Is it when it’s read? Why don’t we stop asking questions and instead delve into the details of SMTP email delivery. We’ll go over […]

Weighing the Differences Between SMTP Servers and Hosted SMTP Relay

Email communication is crucial for businesses of all sizes, there’s no doubt there. Whether you’re sending transactional emails, marketing campaigns, or important notifications, your email needs to be delivered securely. Once you understand simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), you’re ready to move on to understanding the right SMTP setup for you. You can set up […]

Choosing the Best Hosted SMTP Relay Service: A 5-Point Checklist

If you’re looking for a hosted SMTP relay service to support your email delivery efforts, you’ve come to the right place. This 5-point checklist will give you exactly what to consider as you make your decision on a reliable hosted SMTP relay service. Benefits of Choosing the Right Hosted SMTP Relay Service Picking the right […]

Teach Me Email: What is SMTP?


Hi students, welcome back to class. We started the school year pretty early so we’re already in the swing of things.   Let’s jump into the next lesson.   We’re moving on from the more basic concepts of email, like best practices, how to get to the inbox by protecting your reputation, and so on…so […]

Beginner’s SMTP Guide

SMTP Guide

Unless you have successfully gone off the grid, chances are you get a steady stream of email during the day. These could be commercial or marketing email, transactional email about your purchases, or personal email between you and other individuals. And, to most users, sending an email is as easy as pressing a button. But […]

Introducing SocketLabs Concierge

socketlabs concierge

The SocketLabs Concierge Package makes email at scale easy with personalized expertise and intelligent reporting focused around your unique needs.