Introducing SocketLabs Concierge

Think about your email program – infrastructure management, deliverability monitoring, content creation, issue resolution, etc. – now think about working with the email service provider you use to help manage it (if you have one); did any of those thoughts immediately raise your blood pressure? Email delivery at scale doesn’t have to be a headachewe promise. The SocketLabs Concierge Package makes email at scale easy. 

Short on time? Learn more about our Concierge Plan.

What is the Concierge Package? 

The SocketLabs Concierge Package is a comprehensive email delivery package that combines  

  • Strategic guidance and personalized expertise from our experienced email experts at every step of your email journey.  
  • Intelligent data and reporting that drives action and outcome with tools like StreamScorePro. 
  • Scalable email volume at a discounted CPM and reliable infrastructure with 99.999% uptime. 

So let’s see what SocketLabs Concierge could look like for you!

What you Get

As a Concierge customer, you will get a customized roadmap (more info on this below) that outlines the resources available to you at key milestones in your email journey. And while each plan consists of various experts, resources, features, and reports based on your needs, there are three core elements that will ultimately help create the optimal email program for your business:   

Dedicated Concierge Representative 

Spend less time waiting on support tickets – Work with someone you know and more importantly, who knows you. On day one of onboarding, you will meet your dedicated Concierge Representative. Your Concierge Representative will take the time to understand your unique business needs and will work with you at every step of your email journey. When there is technical expertise needed for more complex infrastructure and deliverability conversations, your Concierge Representative will connect you with our experts and make sure your needs are being met.  

Easy Onboarding and Migration 

Worry less about “complex” migration and onboarding – These milestones don’t have to keep you up at night. Your Concierge Representative will help ensure a seamless transition from your existing email solution to SocketLabs. They will make sure you know exactly how our platform works and show you all the features and resources you have access to. From there, they will work with our infrastructure experts to formulate a unique migration guide that is specific to your business needs. Our experts then guide you through your migration, so the process is not only quick and painless, but you are set up for long-term success.  

Ongoing Availability and Expertise 

Get the data and insight you need to drive performance – Not just at the beginning, but for your entire time with us. Your Concierge Representative will be with you long after your migration is complete. You can expect a quarterly touch base where you will evaluate deliverability and performance data trends, review key milestones, and address any outstanding concerns you may have. From the review, they will help provide the strategic guidance and direction you need to improve low performing areas of your program.  

Beyond the quarterly touchbase, your Concierge Representative will also be available throughout, to help allocate the necessary resources for issue remediation in the event that something urgent arises. 

Your Custom Concierge Roadmap

If you think the Concierge Package is a good fit for you, here is what you can expect. Your Concierge Roadmap is a step-by-step plan that maps out your email journey based on your needs. While each roadmap is unique, yours could look something like this: 

Is Concierge Right for You?

The Concierge Package won’t be for every sender; it’s best suited for high volume brands sending between 1M and 10M+ email per month. So if you’re just getting started and send low volume email, you won’t get the full value the package has to offer.  

The Concierge Package is designed for companies who are: 

  • Looking to migrate from an existing email solution or competitor and want expert help to reduce migration time and increase performance/operational efficiency. 
  • An on-premises customer looking to move to the cloud and need experts to help guide this transition and remove complexities.  
  • Not getting the reporting, analytics, and insights from your current solution and are looking for better data and more personalized actionable insight that can save you time and help show you where to focus your attention. 
  • Unsure about technical topics like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. You know that you need them but could use some hands-on assistance and training from people who dream about this at night.  

Making Email Work for You 

SocketLabs has been sending billions of email for brands around the world since 2007. We have over 132 years of combined email experience in everything from deliverability to infrastructure; our experts truly live email. Start making email work for you.  

If you are interested in the SocktLabs Concierge Package, complete the Concierge form on our pricing page so we can have a quick discussion and make sure it’s a good fit for you and to answer any questions you might have. If you decide to move forward we’ll have a quick discovery phase where we will learn about your needs and expectations, understand your business, and begin to customize a package for you. 

Ready to get started? Complete the form below to speak with a member of our Concierge team:

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