6 Best Practices for Seamless Transactional Email Delivery

You won’t enjoy successful transactional email delivery unless you’re following best practices to a T. With myriad recommendations available, we narrowed down the list to our favorite six practices to help improve your chances of those critical emails making their way to inboxes. Let’s get started! Differentiating Transactional Email Delivery from Marketing Email Delivery There […]

The Power of Transactional Emails: The Unexpected Tool in Your Communication Toolbox

This is an ode to the previously unsung heroes of business communication. Transactional emails. They’re the hardworking, reliable tools keeping  your customers informed and engaged. They include password resets, order confirmations, and account notifications. What makes them so essential? Let’s chat. Exceptionally High Engagement Rates One of the most persuasive reasons to value transactional emails […]

Do Transactional Emails Need to Be CAN-SPAM Compliant?

Remember when the internet was the Wild West and anything was allowed? Yes, I remember today, too. Just kidding, though email HAS gone through some changes to better protect email recipients now that email has been weaponized. We’re no longer worried about dying because we didn’t forward a chain email to 10 people. Instead, we’re […]

Enhancing Email Management in Higher Education: Discover SocketLabs’ Solutions

Higher education institutions have lots of responsibilities. Though email communication maybe isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when people think higher education, it is an absolutely integral part of the operation of colleges and universities. In fact, an overall of 51% of students reported email was a primary path to enrollment.  Email has […]

Triggered Email: Beyond the Blast

An illustration of a person receiving a triggered email.

The scene: a late-night Amazon scrolling session where your cart is full of must-have items like an avocado slicer, a tofu press, and a vintage butter knife. But wait! You put down the phone and go to sleep, your wallet thankful for your willpower. But then! The next morning you get the email you didn’t […]

Introducing SocketLabs Concierge

socketlabs concierge

The SocketLabs Concierge Package makes email at scale easy with personalized expertise and intelligent reporting focused around your unique needs.