Migrate, Not Migraine: A Survival Guide for ESP Migration

Even the simple thought of migration can stress you out. I know that all too well; I’ve done a large-scale infrastructure migration myself. Hopefully in reading this, you can learn from my successes, mistakes, and omg-where-is-my-desk-Advil moments to reduce your own number of headaches. Email migration, done thoughtfully, doesn’t have to be a struggle There […]

How to Conduct an Email Customer Vetting with Example Questions

How to conduct high-volume email customer vetting (with example questionnaire included!)

It can only take one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch (of sending IPs). So, email service providers (ESPs) enact an entire process to research new customers in an to attempt to weed out the bad actors (worms) before they’re able to send their first email. Without proper vetting, spammers and fraudsters can wreak […]

Moving On: Your Essential Email Delivery Migration Guide

A blog cover with moving boxes and a moving truck, showing someone moving on to a new email delivery provider.

Today you’re gonna learn how an email vendor migration is a lot like moving to a new home—including the reasons for moving, as well as the pains and frustrations that come along with it. In this article, we’ll help you understand the benefits of email migration from one email delivery vendor to another. We’ll also […]

Introducing SocketLabs Concierge

socketlabs concierge

The SocketLabs Concierge Package makes email at scale easy with personalized expertise and intelligent reporting focused around your unique needs.