Improving Gmail Inbox Placement via Better Email Engagement

Improving inbox placement with Gmail can be easy -- or not so much.

Sometimes email is a mystery. Well, most of the time it’s less about email itself being a mystery than it is email performance. One of our senders here at SocketLabs had an email engagement mystery we were well suited to solve as their email service provider (ESP).   Our sender had a sizable presence in […]

One Report to Rule Them All: SocketLabs StreamScore™ Pro

SocketLabs' StreamScore: One email report to rule them all. Factoring in 35+ data points into your score!

Data fatigue is real. As much as we love and need data, it can be overwhelming, complicated, and sometimes provide guidance we can easily misinterpret into dangerous (or disastrous) decisions.  When it comes to email, there are SO many data points to consider and you might even find yourself in data paralysis. Data overload. Abort […]

Is Your Sending Infrastructure Prepared for Uncertain Times?

I don’t need to tell you we are living in never-ending “uncertain times.” Things change rapidly, be it in your industry, the economy, or even the world at large. Remember COVID-19 and how it is lasting for 20 years? Maybe it just feels like it…  Regardless of what is going on around you, email is […]

The World’s First Sending Platform for ESPs is Finally Here

A SocketLabs employee pushing a button to manage his IP pools

Raise your hand if you are an email service provider (ESP) using the sending infrastructure of a huge provider like SendGrid. Raise your other hand if you are unhappy with your ability to manage it for your diverse customer set. We’d bet a lot of people are raising the roof right now.  To be fair, […]

New SocketLabs Email Tools

socketlabs email tools

SocketLabs is excited to introduce four new email tools that will simplify the tedious and complicated tasks associated with email platform management…