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Email Tools at SocketLabs

SocketLabs is excited to introduce four new email tools for network engineers, IT professionals and email administrators. These tools will help streamline many of the tedious and complicated tasks associated with email infrastructure management.  Check out whats new:

DKIM Generator

Generating DKIM keys requires advanced knowledge of tools like OpenSSL.  The new DKIM generator tool from SocketLabs breaks down the technical barriers of DKIM for less advanced users and simplifies the key generating process. 

The tool generates and formats public and private keys for you so they are immediately ready to be used within your DNS Server. 

DMARC Policy Generator

The DMARC policy generator makes it easy for anyone to get started using DMARC by creating a policy for your domain in one easy form! 

The tool helps save time and effort by bypassing common mistakes made in the policy generating process.

DNS Lookup Tool

The SocketLabs DNS lookup tool allows network engineers, email server administrators, and IT professionals to perform authoritative DNS lookups for various types of DNS resource records including A Records, MX Records, TXT Records, and more.

The SocketLabs DNS Lookup Tool helps simplify the process of troubleshooting DNS issues and looking up domain information. The tool allows you to perform authoritative lookups at the source so DNS changes can be verified without waiting for DNS propagation. 

MTA-STS Verification Tool

MTA-STS is generally simple to set up but can be difficult to verify that it is working properly and requires advanced SMTP know-how.  

With our MTA-STS verification tool, you can verify that MTA-STS is configured correctly for your domain. The tool will lookup the policy for your domain and connect to your email server to verify it will pass the published policy.  

CSS Inliner

Applying styles to HTML in email messages can be a tedious task. Most email clients strip all embedded <style></style> tags out of messages; this can leave your messages broken. To work around this limitation, custom HTML styles need to be applied inline to each HTML element.  Applying these inline styles can be time consuming and error prone.

The CSS Inliner tool will automatically convert your embedded <style></style> tags and apply inline CSS properties on all of your HTML tags.

Try Them for Free!

The best part is that all of these tools can be used for free at!

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