Webinar Highlights: Google & Yahoo Talk Email Marketing in 2024

Last week, we hosted an interactive discussion featuring representatives from the product teams of Google and Yahoo!, who have recently released a new set of requirements that applies to all senders who are looking to have their emails delivered to the inboxes of recipients at these providers. The goal of this session was to move […]

Email Authentication: Giving Credit Where It’s Due

authentication credit

When considering email authentication, its impact on deliverability is a little more complicated today than it was just a year ago. Now, since major mailbox providers (MBPs) Google and Yahoo require a DMARC record, a lack of appropriate authentication can have real and direct consequences.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Email authentication can […]

What is DKIM?

DKIM is an email authentication mechanism that helps ensure an email has not been altered in transit using custom signatures in…

What is SPF Email Authentication?

what is SPF

If you’re relying on consistent email delivery, you absolutely must have email authentication standards like sender policy framework (SPF) for your domain. We’ll walk you through what is an SPF record, what they look like and how they work. What is Sender Policy Framework (SPF)? Sender policy framework (SPF) is an open email authentication standard […]

How to Create and Publish a DMARC Record

DMARC Record

Hi again. We’re back with more DMARC info to prepare you for Google and Yahoo’s requirement to have a DMARC record published for your sending domain.   Does this sound new to you? Don’t worry, we have more information about the new standards for those two mailbox providers here. If the concept of DMARC is new […]

DMARC Your Calendar: Using DMARC Ahead of Google and Yahoo Changes

DMARC calendar

It’s a law of nature: Before one year ends, you’re stressed about the year ahead. Y2k, am I right? No, none of us were right.  Anyway, as if the holiday sending season wasn’t chaotic enough, the email community is abuzz with the looming deadline of Google and Yahoo’s new sender requirements. We have a more […]

Email in 2025 featuring Alex Brotman, Comcast

Please welcome Alex Brotman! Alex Brotman is a Sr Engineer in the Anti-Abuse & Messaging Policy group for Comcast. This group is responsible for development, maintenance, and management of the MTAs for “comcast.net.” Alex is also working within M3AAWG as Data & Identity Protection Committee co-chair, and additionally as co-chair for the Program Committee.  We […]

Security is Serious at SocketLabs. No Jokes Here.

We’ve been known to cut up a little bit in our blogs and do the most. But today, we’re talking about something that is no laughing matter: the safety and security of your data and messages, whether you’re an email service provider (ESP) or direct sender. Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and the potential damage […]

Teach Me Email: What is SMTP?


Hi students, welcome back to class. We started the school year pretty early so we’re already in the swing of things.   Let’s jump into the next lesson.   We’re moving on from the more basic concepts of email, like best practices, how to get to the inbox by protecting your reputation, and so on…so […]