Email Empowers Digital Transformation

Valid is a global technology provider offering a variety of services and solutions for a diverse client base of corporations, government agencies, and consumers. Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the firm’s network includes more than 6,000 employees stationed across 5 continents and 15 different countries. Since the company’s founding in 1957, it has evolved from a paper and printing company into an organization with multiple divisions and lines of business, including payments, mobile solutions, data and identity management, digital marketing, and digital certification.

“SocketLabs’ strong deliverability and performance is what sets them apart.”

Since 2014, Valid’s Data Solutions Division ‒ which handles data-related services such as printing, billing, and invoicing ‒ has relied on SocketLabs’ cloud-based email delivery software to support their business with utilities, telecommunications firms, and large banks. Among the division’s primary initiatives is to help customers save money and innovate required notifications by transitioning paper-based communications into digital formats delivered via email.

“Our clients are now focused on sending invoices and required notifications electronically,” explained Cesar Eduardo Ribiero Fernandes, a product manager supporting the Digital Solutions group. “Email provides strong evidence that a legally-required notification message has been opened and read.”

Deliverability is the Difference

“SocketLabs’ strong deliverability and performance is what sets them apart,” Fernandes continued. “They have been our partner for more than six years, helping us transition more than 15 million monthly messages to digital distribution. We consistently see very high deliverability rates ‒ greater than 90% ‒ which makes our clients very happy. The SocketLabs team provides very helpful, responsive support that helps us avoid blocklists and optimize performance. We know that when we need help with authentication, configurations, new servers, or IP addresses, we can rely on them to provide the right answers quickly.”

“The SocketLabs team provides very, responsive support that helps us avoid blocklists and optimize performance.”

Authentication: The Key to Deliverability

SocketLabs’ support for email authentication is a key technical benefit for Valid’s Digital Solutions team, according to Fernandes. “The numer one issue for us is the authentication support,” he shared. “With help from their services team, we can configure servers to meet each customer’s specific needs. From the custom bounce domain and engagement tracking features, to DKIM and DMARC settings, we are able to get guidance that helps us improve deliverability. Further, they provide us with great documentation of best practices explaining how we can improve our results over time as our sending reputation keeps growing stronger.”

Scaling with Confidence

Valid also appreciates SocketLabs’ ability to help them rapidly scale while maintaining superior deliverability rates. This flexibility is very important because Valid’s digital business continues to grow, driving sending volumes steadily higher. “We are seeing customers steadily convert from physical mail to digital message delivery,” noted Tharsus Andrade Proux, a member of the division’s Tracking and Data Solutions team. “A traditional mailing takes 4 days to deliver an invoice whereas we get almost instant delivery with email. Email-based campaigns help our clients reach their customers more quickly, which helps them generate faster cash flow.” His expectation is that email will soon be the dominant distribution method for these types of communications.

“Our choice of email technology is very important as customers increasingly rely on the digital communication strategies,” Fernandes concluded. “SocketLabs has proven that they have the flexibility and scalability to help support our growth into the future.”

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