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Marketing Emails

Optimized delivery of your marketing newsletters, offers, promos and more. Automatically track customer engagement. Read More »


Transactional Emails

Effective delivery and tracking of receipts, confirmations, and other email from your applications. Read More »


Smart Host

Let us manage and optimize the outbound email stream originating from your internal mail server. Read More »


Email Deliverability

Our email relay service and proven strategies help your emails avoid blacklists and spam folders, improving their ability to land safely in your customer’s inbox.
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In-depth Analytics

Our analytics dashboard gives you the power of real time data and analysis to constantly monitor and improve the way you connect and engage with your audience.
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Consult With Our Your Team

Our email experts are here to ensure your success and are eager to help you with your most challenging problems and questions.
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Integrate With Our API In Minutes!

Our easy to use email delivery service and APIs enable fast and powerful integration with your applications for sending, receiving and monitoring your email messages.
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No Hassle Setup

SocketLabs On-Demand can be setup and running in a matter of minutes. No DNS changes, setup SPF, domain keys, DKIM or anything else. We do all the setup on our end!
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Customers Who Trust in SocketLabs

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