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Analyzing your email performance can be tricky. 

Here are a few resources to help you out.

Email Performance Red Flags: Spam Complaints

Spam complaints can quickly tank your deliverability. After all, if mailbox providers are frequently hearing from their users that you’re sending spam, they’ll start to believe you really are spam. What do they do with spam?

They don’t put it in the inbox, that’s for sure.


Email Performance Red Flags: High Unsubscribe Rates

While unsubscribes are way less damaging to your reputation than spam complaints, a spike in unsubscribes is a clear sign something is going awry between you and your subscribers. 

We asked some of our favorite email experts to explain why you might see an increase in unsubscribes, and what you can do to create a better experience for your recipients to encourage them to continue to eagerly receive your mail!


Email Performance Red Flags: Low Open Rates

Although the accuracy and value of open rates is hotly debated, if you’re noticing low open rates, it’s safe to say you’re likely running into some kind of issue. Maybe your subject lines need a little work or maybe you’re having delivery challenges.

We compiled an all-star roster of email gurus to explain what low open rates can tell you, share what could cause low opens, and provide their best advice to improve this metric.


Monitoring Email Metrics After Google and Yahoo Enforcement

This shouldn’t be news to anyone by now, but Google and Yahoo are officially enforcing stricter rules for bulk senders. If you’re not in compliance with their authentication requirements and other nuances like one-click list-unsubscribe, you could be reaping the negative consequences.

Here are the main things you should be monitoring at these mailboxes to ensure you’re adhering to their rules and aren’t accidentally harming your deliverability.


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