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While sending email seems simple, building and managing your own email infrastructure is no walk in the park. Luckily, SocketLabs has over 10 years of industry experience working as your trusted partner in email – you wont find anybody more obsessed with email than us.

No matter if you are a developer, marketer, business owner, or enterprise administrator, we have the know-how and industry experience to provide the most capable and robust email platform that will deliver on your unique needs.

“Ultimately, we realized that email is an incredibly specialized area that requires dedicated, expert resources. We saw a vast improvement in open rates .”

– Jim Voss, EVP Technology & Information Security, Bridgeline Digital Inc.

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Why You Will Love Us


As pioneers in email deliverability, SocketLabs’ proven architecture offers best availability. Further, our technology includes built-in server redundancy which ensures that nothing stops your messages from reaching their destination.


Whether you’re using SMTP or accessing our platform via our robust API, you can get up and running quickly – so you can start sending your first message in minutes.


We are great at sending email, but there’s more to sending than what meets the eye. We help clients manage the entire ecosystem of email delivery and optimization. We provide “send assurance”, which is the confirmation that your message was actually delivered.


We have designed, built, and still maintain our own proprietary cloud platform for email delivery – the Hurricane Mail Transfer Agent. Hurricane is trusted by customers large and small, in all corners of the globe, to deliver billions of transactional and marketing messages. With the ability to scale rapidly on-demand, our clients experience the ultimate in email flexibility.

Results & Insights

We drive and elevate business outcomes by providing the technical tools and support to maximize the potential of your email strategy. You can use the insights from our delivery dashboard to collect vital data on how your emails are succeeding.


With a 98% customer support satisfaction rating, SocketLabs has been offering clients, big and small, the support they need – when they need it. No challenge is too large for the email support experts at SocketLabs.

Join thousands of customers who trust SocketLabs to deliver billions of emails every year.