Why SocketLabs?

Why SocketLabs?

From SaaS applications and website companies, to ERM developers and marketing agencies, every SocketLabs customer receives the ultimate user experience:


Personal Customer Service


Customized “Delivery Optimization” Approach


Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction


For more than 10 years we’ve been optimizing email performance and helping customers around the world change lives. Whether they are automating critical business processes, streamlining user communication with cutting-edge service technologies, or optimizing customer and prospect engagement, we are making a difference by getting important messages to their intended (and most valuable) destination – the inbox.

Why Do Customers Love Our Service?

Every customer is different and needs different

  • 1. Personal Delivery Expertise – Like many others, we are great at ‘sending’ email — but it’s only ‘delivered’ email that really matters. That’s why we go the extra mile that’s necessary to address the full spectrum of technical, environmental and procedural issues that can impact delivery rates. We help clients understand and navigate this massive and dynamic ecosystem, offering the personalized attention that enables true optimization.
  • 2. In-depth Results & Insights – Whether you’re sending thousands of emails per day, or a million each hour, our mission is to drive and elevate your business outcomes and ROI. Our team provides the consulting, technical tools and support to optimize the impact and value of your organization’s email strategy.
  • 3.Technology Leadership – SocketLabs is in an elite class of companies that has architected, built, and still maintains our own proprietary cloud platform for email delivery – the Hurricane Mail Transfer Agent. Hurricane is trusted by customers large and small, in all corners of the globe, to deliver billions of transactional and marketing messages. With the ability to scale rapidly as needed, our clients experience the ultimate in email flexibility.
  • 4. Ease of Use – Whether you’re using a simple SMTP connection or customizing your email experience via our robust API, you can get up and running quickly. Our intuitive, menu-driven onboarding process helps you set up your account in just a few minutes – allowing you to connect, test and start sending messages right away.
  • 5. History of Reliability – We have a 10-year track record of satisfied customers which stems from outstanding reliability and uptime. As pioneers in email deliverability, SocketLabs’ is uniquely familiar email technologies and performance optimization. Our platforms offer the highest levels of availability, including built-in server redundancy to ensure that nothing stops your messages from reaching their destination.
  • 6. Security and Compliance – As technology leaders, we appreciate the critical importance of protecting client data in today’s world of cybersecurity threats. That’s why we engage an independent third party to audit our information systems and security practices on a regular basis. We also maintain and manage a comprehensive suite of procedures and controls, including:
    • a) Encrypting all data, at rest or in transit, across our internal information systems,
    • b) Performing regular vulnerability scans
    • c) Monitoring network traffic for malicious or suspicious activity

You’re In Good Company With:

“Very easy to use”

SocketLabs provides a very easy to use SMTP relay service to deliver these email notifications.

Marc Miller | Investor Onboarding

“Vastly Superior; Well Done!”

Your system is vastly superior as far as user experience, in my opinion – well done!

Steve M. | Federate Software Consulting Ltd.

“We Have Never Looked Back”

It’s vital to have reliable email notifications accompany each election or I won’t stay in business. We selected SocketLabs and have never looked back.

David Simms | ElectionsOnline

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Why SocketLabs?

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