As your email list grows, email automation becomes a necessity. Email service providers (ESPs) can solve this problem, from triggered opt-in confirmations to sequences to autoresponders. What is an email autoresponder? An email marketing autoresponder is a script that sends automated emails in response to a user trigger. They’re often the first interaction in an […]

Anti-spam Laws

Marketing platforms require email marketers to comply with anti-spam laws. Regardless of legal consequences, failing to comply can affect email deliverability, sender reputation, and email marketing campaign success. What are anti-spam laws? Anti-spam laws are legal measures set to protect citizens against unwanted or dangerous mail. These are typically bulk emails sharing unsolicited offers to […]

Average Open Rate

A reliable email marketing strategy depends on reliable metrics. One of the most popular metrics to use is the open rate, which allows email marketers to understand and better predict how many people will open their email. What is the average open rate for email marketing? The average email open rate shows how much of […]

Double Opt-In

To adopt a double opt-in subscription policy, email marketers ask individuals to provide their email address to be added to an email list, then require the new subscriber to take action via a confirmation email. This second step ensures new leads are real, rather than a misspelled or fake address. It’s a simple way to […]

Email List Hygiene

Email list hygiene refers to all management practices aimed to protect the deliverability and performance of your email marketing campaigns. It involves removing unresponsive addresses every one to six months, depending on your lead generation strategy. The result is a quality list and better deliverability. What is email list hygiene? Email list hygiene can be […]

Email Subject Line

An email subject line is an introduction to your email. It is the first text readers see in the inbox, along with the email preheader. It is the most important part of email marketing strategy for three reasons: It’s the first impression. If it’s in an email sequence, the earliest emails’ subject lines are the […]

Email Preheader

What is an email preheader? An email preheader is a snippet following the subject line providing a preview of the email from the inbox. It’s a simple way to extend your headline copy and increase email open rates, making it an important part of email design. Note there’s no separate field called “preheader email.” The […]